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I'll most likely be about 10 min late. Sorry about this, had an emergency last minute shopping thing for bathing pants... xD
I have a plan, might not be a good one, but it's a plan none the less! :-)
looks who's posting pictures!!
How late? X
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Good job peeps, seteady heroic progression in our Pally/Lock raiding guild :D

After a re shuffle and a tweak or two we managed to down this diabolic duo!

Great first reset.  ! heroic boss down and 8/9 normal bosses down (with KJ not far from death)

As always....pic to follow :D

Abstine are on a roll.  With a band of mainly 10 heroes (a total anathema to BLizzard) we are now clearing NH with consumate ease.  A testament to the teamwork, skill, patience and loyalty of our guild members.

You guys are...Simply the best! Better than all the rest!

Amazing teamwork and focus to bring down a tricky boss! one more to go to achieve our guild goal of heroic ahead of the curve clear.  No mean feat for a small 10 man team!

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